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«Peregrine-falcon» Is an international investment platform based company Peregrine Falcon Properties Ltd, generating income on investment in leading cryptocurrency world, as well as in promising venture companies generate innovation in the alternative energy, cryptoamnesia and mining! Thanks to the online platform Peregrine-falcon participant can be anyone, from anywhere on the planet. Main activity Peregrine-falcon is to get income on exchange of leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, DASH, Litecoin, as well as investing in promising startups generating environmentally friendly energy power for cryptocurrency mining. To date, the cryptocurrencies have a huge volatility, which allows to obtain large revenues in the short term. And investments in startups with subsequent access to the capital markets investors hedge risks in the long term!

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Secure investment, secure high technology and unlimited hashing power.

Daily 1 - 2% during a 37 - 83 days

Minimum investment amount: total 20

Payment of interest every day

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Experience and knowledge

Our team is working on the investment market in 2011 and launched many successful projects with high returns! We never stop thinking about our investors and the prospects of the market!



Company number: 11039528


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Users: 21988 Replenished: 25 190 460.00 Paid: 24 791 958.64

Our competitive advantages!

Your investment will depend on market and other risks. Each investor, working with us, gets a guaranteed profit under any business circumstances, working with us implies beneficial cooperation for a long time!

The relevance of the technologies

Invest in the future together with a team of professionals, this is the future is now!

Security investments

You get stable payments on business days. All risks we take.

Reliability and prospects

Profit for many years, driven by investment in promising venture projects and daily work in the stock market!

Affiliate program

If the minimum investment, any investor gets the opportunity for additional income and career growth. Using a standard affiliate program that any investor gets an opportunity of earning on 4 levels in the depth of their partnership structure. We also offer a higher affiliate rate for the representatives of our system in different countries of the world.


1 level


2 level


3 level


4 level

We pay for good work. Take your prize.

Earn leadership status.

This is your chance!

The feedback from our investors

Every opinion of our investors about our work is very important to us. Your feedback helps us to correct the direction of our business and improve our services. The relevance and objectivity of reviews – the basis of trust.

Lord | 8 Oct 2019, 13:38

Добрый день! Начинаем сотрудничество с интересной иностранной компанией Peregrine-falcon. Площадка продолжительный период была в режиме партизана и только сейчас переходит в активную фазу работы. Сейчас стабильно платят.

Jan | 12 Sep 2019, 15:00

After I began to work with Peregrine-falcon, trading became a favorite thing for me, because now all my money that I invest brings me a stable positive income. This has never happened before. Well, now, the profit is quite enough. And all thanks to the fact that real professionals work in the company, traders know their job and easily increase the money entrusted to them. It is pleasant to work with such people and I will be happy to continue to do this, although I had previously been wary of them.

Our news

12 Sep 2019, 11:38

Our success strategies!

Over a long period of time, our team has been creating successful technologies for turning ordinary money into big money! This is possible due to the incredible determination of our team, asset valuation technologies, long-term vision, as well as the ability to attract the necessary resources to achieve our goals!

We are waiting for you to join our team!

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